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Albuquerque, New Mexico, renowned for its sweltering, arid summers, is an ideal place for synthetic lawns. These lawns are a smart choice for conserving water, particularly during droughts with water restrictions. They demand far less upkeep than natural grass, making them a perfect option for those with hectic schedules or who wish to cut down on lawn care expenses.

Global Syn-Turf is a leading supplier of top-tier artificial grass in New Mexico. Our Albuquerque distribution center is a hub for local artificial grass installation companies seeking the latest in artificial grass technology and accessories. Whether you are a homeowner conducting independent research or a professional landscaper in search of the finest artificial grass products, our knowledgeable staff and premium products are readily accessible. Our inventory caters to various needs and applications, including putting greens, dog runs, and residential backyards, offering a wide range of synthetic grass products.

At Global Syn-Turf, we take pride in being a top provider of artificial grass to the Albuquerque area. We boast an extensive collection of synthetic turf, accompanied by a team experienced in artificial turf installation.

Contact us today for a complimentary quote or to connect with a local Albuquerque installer. Professionals looking to enhance their turf collection, diversify their product offerings, and achieve significant growth and increased revenue with our artificial grass products are also encouraged to reach out.

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The Shift to PFAS-Free Turf

In the heart of New Mexico, Albuquerque is witnessing a significant shift in landscaping trends with the increasing adoption of high-quality, PFAS-Free artificial turf. This movement is not just a nod towards aesthetic enhancement but a strong commitment to environmental health and safety. High-quality, PFAS-Free turf represents a significant leap in ensuring that the benefits of artificial grass do not come at an environmental or health cost. These products are rigorously tested to be safe, durable, and environmentally friendly, ensuring they meet the highest standards for residential, commercial, and recreational use.

Benefits Beyond Safety

Apart from being non-toxic, PFAS-free turf boasts several advantages. It's designed to withstand extreme weather conditions typical of Albuquerque, maintaining its color and texture without requiring the extensive maintenance that natural grass does. Moreover, its water-conserving properties align well with the region’s efforts to combat water scarcity, making it a sustainable choice for the arid New Mexican climate.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Health

The move towards PFAS-free turf in Albuquerque is more than just an industry trend; it's a commitment to the health of the community and the planet. By choosing PFAS-free options, homeowners, businesses, and public spaces are not only creating beautiful landscapes but are also contributing to a healthier, more sustainable future.

As Albuquerque continues to embrace this eco-friendly innovation, it sets an example for other cities. The hope is that the shift to high-quality, PFAS-free turf will spark a broader change, encouraging more industries to reconsider their environmental impact and prioritize public health.

Albuquerque's embrace of PFAS-free artificial turf is a commendable step towards a greener, healthier future. It reflects a growing awareness of environmental issues and a proactive approach to addressing them, ensuring that the city's green spaces are safe and sustainable for generations to come.

Artificial Grass: the Best of Albuquerque, New Mexico

We offer more than seventy different varieties of highest quality artificial grass for commercial and residential lawns and landscapes, sports fields, putting greens, playgrounds, rooftops, patios, decks, pet areas, clinics, and hotels.

Located in Albuquerque, NM, Global Syn-Turf offers an optimal solution for various landscaping needs, including extensive projects, commercial spaces, or simply enhancing low-use areas of your yard with a touch of green. Our artificial grass eliminates the need for regular maintenance like mowing or watering. We provide high-quality, durable, and realistic-looking turf, backed by the industry's best warranties. Our products come with a 15-year manufacturer warranty and are designed to last up to 25 years under normal usage conditions.

Our synthetic turf is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, making it suitable for challenging growth areas, hillsides, pet runs, non-play sections, and commercial applications. If you're considering artificial grass, contact us today. Our experienced specialists are ready to assist you in selecting the most appropriate turf style for your needs and to answer any questions you might have about our products.

Top 5 Reasons Why Choose Artificial Grass of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ultra-Realistic Fiber Technology

At Global Syn-Turf, we pride ourselves on our ULTRA-REALISTIC FIBER TECHNOLOGY. This advanced technology encompasses more than eleven distinctive blade designs, including Kool-max, Fresh Cut, and Flo-Rite-Thru technologies. These features are integral to our product's excellence, offering a range that goes beyond the basics. From the simplest flat-cut grass leaves to the most complex and advanced synthetic turf manufacturing technologies, our focus is on delivering both performance and aesthetic appeal. This innovation ensures that our synthetic grass not only looks and feels like natural grass but also incorporates features that enhance its durability and functionality for various applications.

Factory-Direct Pricing

Global Syn-Turf offers an extensive selection of synthetic turf products, with prices starting at less than $1 per square foot. Our customers can take advantage of everyday offers, introductory prices, and special holiday sales, potentially saving thousands of dollars instantly. In addition to the financial benefits, our products play a significant role in water conservation efforts in every location where they are installed, making them not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Same Day Shipping

Distinguishing ourselves from many other synthetic grass vendors in the United States, Global Syn-Turf always maintains a fully stocked inventory. This enables us to offer quick and efficient services, including same or next day shipping, or pickup options. In fact, we boast the largest inventory of synthetic grass in the country. Our warehouse in San Diego operates from Monday to Friday, specifically catering to local pickups. Additionally, we offer local delivery services upon request, further enhancing the convenience for our customers.

Professional Services & Installation

If you're in search of the highest-quality products, the latest tools and technologies in the trade, fair pricing, speedy shipment, and attentive customer service, look no further. At Global Syn-Turf, our dedicated staff is committed to helping you save time, resources, and money. We ensure that every step of your project is handled professionally and efficiently, providing you with a seamless and satisfactory experience from start to finish. Our focus is not just on delivering exceptional products but also on ensuring that our service meets your every need, making your project a success in every aspect.

Artificial Grass Albuquerque, New Mexico

Our synthetic grass is manufactured from the best grade elements and constructed to stand up to all the seasons. Our home synthetic putting greens emulates the finest Albuquerque golf greens. We manufacture artificial grass of high-quality and sustainability. Global Syn-Turf is in the forefront of the artificial grass industry in United States with multiple fields installed and in use today in Albuquerque NM. Our artificial grass putting greens are the best if you are a golf lover. You can count on equipped installers to look into the many elements of the current yard space, with Global Syn-Turf fake grass installations, to plan how to form the ideal yard for your unique needs. Global Syn Turf special turf is impeccable for children and pets because of its exceptionally absorbent surface. Whichever product you choose, a high-performance synthetic grass installation from the industry's leading artificial grass manufacturer and you can expect almost no maintenance. The collection and diversity of Albuquerque synthetic grass Global Syn Turf products open up thousands of possibilities to customers. We can make your entire yard splendid and areas around your swimming pool with our synthetic grass Artificial, but also, playing gold is incomparable. No matter what your project is, like the Albuquerque Animal Humane facility, gST in Albuquerque New Mexico has the expertise, a playground with strict safety requirements or a heavy-use pet facility. Study more about our New Mexico artificial grass today. Our Albuquerque fake grass for backyard or commercial use looks outstanding Global. The market for synthetic turf is already over $500 million a year and is expanding very quickly. In addition to providing the best of artificial turf products in the Albuquerque area, we help you start your project immediately. Other solutions and playgrounds, fake lawns, we offer the supreme fake surface for home putting greens. Global Syn-Turf has been a greatly expanding industry for the last ten years in many parts of the country. Albuquerque NM putting greens are the finest customs design artificial grass indoor golf greens and backyard golf greens in the industry. Discover our commercial and residential golf greens and pet turf. Football, get in touch with us for putting greens or fake turf that covers soccer, other sports fields and more. It is easy to spend many hours and a lot of money on yard work. State-of-the-art equipment and high-quality products gives us the ability to deliver high-quality products at very competitive prices, the blend of our highly qualified staff. This will not be a matter anymore, since the start of 2014 season, aggie Memorial stadium in Las Cruces NM events have been severely restricted to forbid harm to the native grass but, as you probably know, and thanks to the fields synthetic grass renovation. Pricey irrigation, envision your new lawn or golf course without bulky equipment, chemicals or energy depleting care. Albuquerque NM as other Southwest cities is experiencing a transformation from natural turf to artificial turf. The possibility is much closer than many believe, staggering as Global Syn-Turf grass and While most homeowners wonder if can afford to beautify their yards with something as substantial. El Paso, syn-Turf of New Mexico is thrilled to supply Las Cruces, rio Rancho, and Santa Fe residents a secluded practice facility via our golf putting greens. For commercial applications, expert consultation, global Syn-Turf in Albuquerque New Mexico offers technologically-advanced products, and top-quality synthetic lawn installation to achieve the most intricate commercial projects. Our Albuquerque artificial turf is the identical on all of our industrial and home indoor and outdoor putting greens and artificial lawns Our. Please contact us from more information. turf can boost the value of homes in Albuquerque. As a local New Mexico branch for this rattling manufacturer, we get a tremendous deal of gratification from sharing our spectacular products with our friends and neighbors. Multiple reasons lead many homeowners and businesses to pick out Global Syn-Turf and the new generation of fake lawns over sod. And schools agree that today's top-quality artificial grasses look just like the real stuff, environmental and practical reasons feeding industry increase and smart homeowners, splendid, daycare centers, pet resorts and shelters. Global Syn-Turf is your source for your Albuquerque fake turf. Their foundation and their residences, we are gratified to provide residents of Santa Fe with putting greens and fake landscaping options that supplement value to their relaxation time. Global Syn-Turf has developed to be a trusted and regarded name in our industry, with over four decades in business. Artesia, clovis receive the finest synthetic yards and and greens, residential applications and Using GST artificial turf on both commercial, you are making sure customers in Los Lunas, portales. The heightened expectation of playability and use of sports fields today and, the need to be environmentally-friendly in upkeep, the urge for this is the need for water conservation, lawns, costs and overall occurrence of sports fields.

Environmentally Friendly Artificial Grass

Saves more than 1,000,000 gallons of water a year!

Artificial grass in Albuquerque represents a significant stride towards environmental sustainability in landscaping. This synthetic solution addresses several environmental concerns traditionally associated with natural lawns. Firstly, it drastically reduces water usage. In a region like Albuquerque, where water conservation is crucial due to climatic conditions, artificial grass significantly cuts down the need for irrigation, a vital aspect in drought-prone areas.

Moreover, artificial grass eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These substances, commonly used in natural lawn maintenance, can be harmful to the environment, contributing to soil and water pollution. By opting for synthetic turf, homeowners and businesses contribute to reducing these toxic inputs into the environment.

Another environmental benefit of artificial grass is its durability and low maintenance. Unlike natural grass, which requires regular mowing, synthetic turf does not generate grass clippings, thus reducing landfill waste. Furthermore, the longevity of artificial grass means less frequent replacements, thereby minimizing waste and resource consumption over time.

Professionally Tested Synthetic Turf

Passes all UV, lead, and safety tests!

The integrity and safety of artificial grass in Albuquerque are ensured through rigorous professional testing. These tests are designed to certify that the synthetic turf meets high standards of quality and safety before it is installed in residential, commercial, or public spaces.

One of the primary aspects of this testing is durability. Synthetic turf must withstand various weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold, without deteriorating. Tests are conducted to ensure the turf retains its color, texture, and structural integrity over time, even with heavy use.

Safety testing is another crucial aspect. This includes examining the turf for any potentially harmful chemicals or materials. The aim is to ensure that the artificial grass is non-toxic and safe for all users, including children and pets. Tests often include checking for lead content and other hazardous substances.

Additionally, synthetic turf is tested for UV resistance to ensure it doesn't degrade under prolonged exposure to sunlight. This is particularly important in Albuquerque, where the turf will be exposed to intense sunlight throughout the year.

15-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Global Syn-Turf in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is renowned for offering some of the best artificial grass products in the world. Their commitment to quality is evident in their product durability, making them a trusted choice for synthetic grass solutions. What sets Global Syn-Turf apart in the industry is their confidence in their products, underscored by their exceptional 15-year warranty. This warranty is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, offering customers peace of mind and assurance in the longevity and performance of their artificial grass products.

The range of Synthetic Grass products from Global Syn-Turf is designed to cater to various needs, whether for residential lawns, commercial landscaping, sports fields, or playgrounds. Their commitment to quality ensures that their products not only meet but exceed customer expectations in terms of durability, appearance, and functionality.

Customers in Albuquerque seeking high-quality artificial grass solutions can rely on Global Syn-Turf for products that are guaranteed to last, backed by a robust warranty and a reputation for excellence in the synthetic turf industry.

No Watering, Mowing or Weeding

Think of time you could save for enjoyable ventures if you didn’t have to waste hours mowing, watering, weeding, and fertilizing your lawn. Installing artificial grass requires zero maintenance and looks great year-round. The attraction of great looking lawn is quickly catching on, making synthetic grass become one of the most popular products in landscaping. Say no to edging, mowing, and watering your lawn! You don't have to worry about harmful chemicals, fertilizers, and weed control. In states where drought or water shortages are prevalent, home and business owners fall in love with the year round lush yard and low upkeep that realistic synthetic grass creates for their home.

Pet Friendly

Our extremely durable, pet-friendly Pet Grass series artificial grass for dogs is the most attractive way to secure a comfortable, safe, odor-free environment for your family and pets. Ideal drainage is created with your pets in mind and takes care of unpleasant odors. No more muddy paws and brown spots. Precisely designed and engineered for pet use, the Global Syn-Turf series for dogs features uniquely treated polyethylene, making it practically impossible to stain or discolor. Dogs can’t chew or dig through it. Organic infills are non-toxic to your pets, while allowing urine to drain right through, making it perfect grass for dogs. With our pet grass system, you and your pet can have a beautiful lawn.

Specially Engineered Blades

Global Syn-Turf, Inc. stands out in the artificial turf industry with its innovative approach to turf fiber production. Their monofilament turf fibers come in a wide array of shapes, each designed to serve a specific purpose and create a unique effect for lawns. This diversity in blade shapes allows for customization according to different needs and preferences, ensuring that each customer gets the most suitable turf for their specific requirements.

The variety of blade shapes offered by Global Syn-Turf is tailored to cater to different functions, whether it's for residential lawns, commercial spaces, sports fields, or playgrounds. Some blade shapes may be designed for a more realistic look and feel, mimicking natural grass closely, while others might be crafted for durability and resilience, particularly for high-traffic areas.

Customers interested in exploring the options best suited for their needs are encouraged to contact Global Syn-Turf. Their experts can provide guidance on the ideal turf choice based on the specific application, aesthetic preferences, and functional requirements. This personalized approach ensures that each customer finds the perfect turf solution for their project.